Sunday, June 15, 2008

Awaken The Dawn

Awaken the Dawn

I hear this symphony awaken me
Pulling me, pushing me
A symphony of tragedy, a symphony of peril
A symphony of clarity
A thousand voices singing collectively
Telling me -
Carry my head this way
Don't let the night decide your day
So I hold fast in the hope I've found
Somewhere between the dust and the dark around
Where my God called to me
Telling me,
"Trust in Me -
I'll show you what this all means.
Life is not meant to be lived in dreams,
But these dreams are meant to be your life.
So watch how I build this empire
Watch how I awake the dawn.
Watch how the world will rise and fall
All this on My word's call.
Because I am the Sovereign Architect of the day,
Look to me and you will never lose your way.
Never be afraid to walk through the dark,
My love for you will be this perpetual spark,
That in your bones will light a fire burning
And in your heart will be a Spirit discerning,
Every step you need to take,
So you will know that I will never leave,
I will never walk away,
Despite how you might choose today
For I will be with you,
Even to the ends of the age."
These thoughts awaken me,
And as I rise,
These words envelop me
Covering me
With the blood of Thee
These thoughts take over me,
And like a vision or beautiful epiphany,
There is a moment of lucidity.
Breaking me from this world's conformity.
Now my heart will never be the same to any degree
And though this moment is fleeting
I swear, God,
I can feel Your heart beating,
Playing a rhythm so steadfast and repeating,
I get so lost in it I forget my own breathing,
It inspires movement in this heart so weary
It brings hope to these eyes, tired and bleary
And as I stand here,
Somewhere between fear and faith
I know that tomorrow cannot wait
So I take a deep breath understanding,
This may possibly be my last
And I pray,
Lord, please raise me up
For I do not want to be known
As the failure of a wasted life
Gone from autumn to the ash...