Thursday, November 02, 2006

Chase the Dawn

Chase the Dawn

i need your brokenness,
cause i'm chasing the dark,
and i see your eyes,
speaking the way...

this time, I’m racing along
giving this sin
a fight that never ends -
chasing the dawn

now your eyes,
follow me here,
seeking my soul,
just leaving me bare

testing my will
my only chance
fading my heart
like storybook syntax

but when did I lose faith?
was it those promises,
I thought You never kept?
Or is it this heart that never heals?

But Your eyes
They follow me down
Seamless and sure
They leave me broken, in need of a cure

Stripping my soul
Leaving me hollow
With but a silhouette
Chasing the dawn

The Broken Heart of a Traitor

The Broken Heart of a Traitor

This broken heart of a traitor,
Bound by the frailty of words.
Finds itself plagued by one question,
Is Your grace enough? (to heal the burned)

Oh how could I tempt fate again?
I'm not sure but today left with silence,
And these muddy waters come rushing in,
Taking what's left of my innocence.

God, I am Your imperfect creation,
struggling, striving forth
Fighting for that which is eternal
Fighting for that which is love.

But I find failure is my only real friend
That this tradition of defeat
Will try to claim me till the end.
Capturing me with the heresy in my heart.

But how do I stop my heart and my tongue,
From fanning the flames of unforgiveness?
My only hope is that this love suffers long
And rejoices in truth, rescuing me from my December.