Friday, December 19, 2008

Love Like A Whisper

Love Like A Whisper

I can hear it this night,
Your words on my heart,
Declaring itself love tonight.
It promises a truth, an honesty,
That will write its story,
On the hearts of all those it encounters,
Bringing with it a movement, a quickness,
That will illumniate the darkness,
With sacrifice, remove the sickness.
And so... it will be called love.
An infinite, endless love.
This love like a revolution,
A revolution of whispers.
A love calling for dissolution,
To the notion of self above others.
Resulting in the death of an identity,
That exists separate and alone,
With no hope, only futility.
Only separation from true life,
Found in love's community.
And so it is,
This love like a whisper,
A revolution of hearts,
Moving us to the center.
No longer in the shadow,
But bringing us all together.
And with this great canticle
We'll sing this anthem to our God,
"We are coming home to Thee,
For You have set us free."

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Soul's Recompense

A Soul's Recompense

Today is the day I must confess,
That in yesterday's mourning I did reposess,
A life never meant to be mine,
A heart thought gone from time.
But here I am, such a mess,
A heart in utter distress,
Stranded with today, so meaningless,
Here my soul seeks to recompense,
The Almighty's steadfastness.
A way from the hopelessness,
That I find in all the world ascribes,
Hope and glory in a deceitful diatribe.
If I only understood Your majesty,
Taste reprieve from my heart's tragedy
Then this moment would not conquer me,
Serenity no longer a fantasy.
And I could live with Thee, triumphantly,
In all the days that are to come,
Our spirits intertwined as one,
Awakening a dream thought undone,
Consumed by a fire on the run,
No longer imprisoned by false truth,
Choices of an ill-spent youth,
A generation lost to the veneration,
Of a soul's dissipation or degredation.
Because what they call solution,
Is truly just an illusion,
A complication and instigation,
Of a life comprised of only brokenness,
Simply less than all God meant for us.
So here we are God, broken & alone,
No heart to hold on to, no place is home.
No way to atone.
So here I am God, in the midst of this,
Knowing I must confess,
That I struggle to know if it's worth all this,
That I need Your strength in this,
Now it is my soul's recompense,
Confessing that You are my everything,
Conveying purpose for the living,
A divine treasure, never-ending pleasure,
A life eternal without measure.
Refreshing me with joy in the mourning,
Breaking me from this world's conforming,
It is here You release me from the weight of this,
A heart burdened by sin's inheritance,
A heart of stone now with innocence,
Becoming flesh despite all this.
Reminding me that as the dew is glistening,
You are ever watchful, ever listening,
To the prayers of the broken,
Moving on the truths You've spoken.
That You are a God who hears us as we cry,
Your heart breaking, forgiveness You won't deny...

Oh God, how I long for Your forgiveness, Your grace and mercy and loving kindness. Thank you, Oh Lord, for Your sacrifice. For Your love. For Your neverending pursuit of us. Thank you, for You are worthy.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Beyond the Boundaries...

Beyond the Boundaries...

I believe that Christ's death and resurrection,
Instigated a spiritual insurrection,
But if we limit ourselves to Scripture,
Will we miss the whole picture?
This is what the world wonders,
And in these moments, I ponder.
Understand I profess Yeshua at the center
This tale is not meant to be the words of a heretical dissenter,
Rather the liberation of a mind in isolation
Because in this imagination is a fascination,
Of a life inextricably intertwined,
Between the body, the soul and the mind
And so here I am and I dream...
Not because my mind is full of rhymes,
But my heart with a vision for the times.
This is my life, this is my light.
These words are God's gift to me tonight,
Thus, I pray my heart be contrite,
To foster this sacred space,
Where I might come to see His face.
So it is here I dream the dream of dreams,
Songs of beauty, whispering the means,
Of a life far beyond the boundaries,
That this world attempts to confide in me,
Because I know there is a future just waiting,
For me, to begin creating,
Shaping today, so tomorrow might look different,
Possibly reflecting the face of God within it.
So I challenge my people to look within,
Realize there's more beneath this skin.
For we are spirit in primal essence,
A picture of the Eternal, God within us.
Once you begin to see this reality,
The walls will fall, there will be no limit, no finality,
To the dreams you live while awake,
All the days of your life they overtake,
Cause there's only but a moment in time,
To live this life, till the days sublime...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Lonely Night in Bangkok

A Lonely Night in Bangkok

Listen - can't you hear?
It's the sound of a solemn tear,
A heart breaking from fear,
Cause there's a whole generation missin'
Not the body but the spirit wishin'
That in this time and place it didn't exist,
Because there are men that couldn't resist,
The temptation of stealing beauty,
Desecrating someone for eternity.
So listen, as they tell their story through me...

There's a war of irreverent politics and policy,
That allows you not to look at me,
Not to see within me,
The dignity of humanity.
So there must be a call to fight.
A call to win.
A call to stand against the wind.
With our hands and feet inspire.
With our hearts desire,
To set all those free,
That live in captivity.
But first, what you must realize,
Is that behind these eyes,
Burns the hope of freedom,
A dream that has yet to come.
So when I sing this song,
I have faith the day will not be long,
That when my heart does call,
You will respond, crying freedom for all.
Leverage your position of influence,
That no one else might experience this.
I believe that when this day comes,
It will be my captor that runs,
And these feelings of dissonance will fade,
Replaced by the innocence you forced me to trade,
For the looks and lears of men passing by,
Asking if they could try as I wished that I might die,
But now you see! Now you know!
Tell everyone of this war that does grow.
Fight with me - let us unify,
And in one voice, with a freedom war cry,
We will in unity defy,
This peaceful genocide,
That might not kill the body,
But always steals the soul,
Confining what once ran wild,
The hope, the beauty, the imagination of a child.

So if you are anything like me,
Your heart will well up instinctively.
Your mind will race,
Dreaming of a day commonplace,
Where we will dance on the ashes of villains,
Of the wicked among us who are spillin'
Of those who chose to spend,
Their days between the funk and the fire,
Not helping others from the muck and myre,
Rather, they preyed on this world's purity,
Moving innocence to obscurity.
Forcing me to ask myself,
If for nothing else,
When my days come to an end,
When did I stand up? Who did I defend?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Awaken The Dawn

Awaken the Dawn

I hear this symphony awaken me
Pulling me, pushing me
A symphony of tragedy, a symphony of peril
A symphony of clarity
A thousand voices singing collectively
Telling me -
Carry my head this way
Don't let the night decide your day
So I hold fast in the hope I've found
Somewhere between the dust and the dark around
Where my God called to me
Telling me,
"Trust in Me -
I'll show you what this all means.
Life is not meant to be lived in dreams,
But these dreams are meant to be your life.
So watch how I build this empire
Watch how I awake the dawn.
Watch how the world will rise and fall
All this on My word's call.
Because I am the Sovereign Architect of the day,
Look to me and you will never lose your way.
Never be afraid to walk through the dark,
My love for you will be this perpetual spark,
That in your bones will light a fire burning
And in your heart will be a Spirit discerning,
Every step you need to take,
So you will know that I will never leave,
I will never walk away,
Despite how you might choose today
For I will be with you,
Even to the ends of the age."
These thoughts awaken me,
And as I rise,
These words envelop me
Covering me
With the blood of Thee
These thoughts take over me,
And like a vision or beautiful epiphany,
There is a moment of lucidity.
Breaking me from this world's conformity.
Now my heart will never be the same to any degree
And though this moment is fleeting
I swear, God,
I can feel Your heart beating,
Playing a rhythm so steadfast and repeating,
I get so lost in it I forget my own breathing,
It inspires movement in this heart so weary
It brings hope to these eyes, tired and bleary
And as I stand here,
Somewhere between fear and faith
I know that tomorrow cannot wait
So I take a deep breath understanding,
This may possibly be my last
And I pray,
Lord, please raise me up
For I do not want to be known
As the failure of a wasted life
Gone from autumn to the ash...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Heart's Requiem...

yeah there are quite a few in this vein, but this is it. the last one. done.

My Heart's Requiem/Requiem for a Heart

Oh, carry my heart away,
Sing the requiem for the day,
That left me with nothing,
But a heart that's always waiting.
It seems I have a choice though,
But why won't I ever let go?
This place has broken me,
So many times it has shaken me
Like the ocean, it is consuming me
Taking my heart and my dreams
But I keep falling into
All the same feelings that hurt me
Now I have to abandon these
Conjure up a dream of a new place
Away from where the ocean meets the sand
Some distance from the memory of your hand in my hand
A new place, somewhere outside of misery
Where I can let go of these hopes and dreams
Some place where I don't have to care
Some place beyond this deep blue nothing
That just keeps chasing me
God, it hurts me not to care
To see my hope vanished in the air
My only thought, "How could this be?"
So I take a breath and remember when
This hope would carry me in
In to the next day, when,
Things used to be different then
It was once a dream of a crystal coastline
A dream that I could never forget
But now it's time to wake up
Move on with the shake up
I will never ever again know you that way
I will never again see the day,
Where I was your choice,
Your reason for smiling,
A name never far from your lips
Impressed upon your heart
Cause now I'm alone in here
How did I not know this would happen again?
Do you see the mark you left on my heart?
It left me such a mess the first time
And now, because of your choice
It has shown up here & I'm alone again
But now it's time for me to wake up
And wash away what I once called my own
Maybe forget all the things you said
Forget the love now dead
Abandon all the half-truths you ever spoke to me
Cause there's no more chances to be
What I'd always hoped and seen
The fire's gone out in my heart,
There is no more passion burning in these bones
Just a heart that's hurting, feeling so alone...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Secondhand Dreams

Secondhand Dreams

As I look around tonight
It's like the city's in slow motion
Appearing as if in a dream
And standing here alone
Everything seems to fade away
I guess I don't have much to offer here
Just a fleeting glimpse of hope
And these secondhand dreams
A brief moment in time
Where I'm hoping only to find
A heart moving faster than it seems,
Whispering my name.
But I am so foolish to believe
That when I wake up,
It'll be in your arms.
So please forget
Or possibly pretend
That my heart was ever even here
Cause reality is sinking in
And I need to walk away
From what will never be again
Or I will spend a lifetime waiting
For a day that will never come
A moment spent contemplating
How these dreams came undone
How you're never coming home to me
I guess it was all just an illusion
A vision of this broken heart's secondhand dreams
But before I take my leave
I want you to know
How much it is you mean to me
How I've never stopped loving you
Despite the situation or means
Cause the light in your eyes
Shines like a thousand graceful suns
It's just that now,
I have no words left to say
My heart has screamed your name
And is returning to me hollow
Like an echo calling back the same
With no form or substance
Not even a reason for its existence
All it seems to do, is resonate a cry
That reminds me of how I am empty inside
Left hollow by a love that has long since died
So my heart wonders - why is this happening to me?
All I ever wanted was a chance to love again
Don't you see
You meant everything to me...
For so long my heart held on tight
Not wanting to ever let you go
But the time is now here
I've let go of these adolescent dreams
And now my heart falls further and further
But babe, don't you worry
I promise
This hope was worth the fall
Cause I loved you most of all...

Empty Set

Empty Set

This sorrow that plagues me
This sorrow that holds me
Finds me in a moment of sincerity
Grappling with labored intensity
How does everything come out wrong?
My heart, my dreams, this song
All of it comes undone
Till we become this empty set
A brood of carnivores, a pack of wolves
Longing only to prey on the flesh
Of the sweet, sweet heart of those who give
Devouring each other night and day
Never needing to sleep
Because there are no dreams left in me
Only an empty set, an empty shell
And so here I remain
But only to justify
This existence that's come undone
A life contained but never defined
Smiled upon, praised even for the words I speak
Oh, please never speak my name again
Cause I'm now singled out for eternity
Held to the standard I've painted
But in my heart, I know this will never last
Lord please raise me up
For I do not want to be known
As the failure of a wasted life
Gone from autumn to the ash...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Already There

Already There

Do our lives even tell the truth?
I don't think they ever do.
All my heart wants is to be with You
But so often I walk closer to me.
And i wondered, how did i get this far?
Cause when I looked up,
I couldn't even see you.
Maybe I was never there,
Maybe I just looked the other way...
Luckily for me, there's a lifetime left to live,
Hoping that this life'll lead to the truth.
So I work up the courage to run to You
I'm so sure Your heart holds the truth
And for whatever it is worth,
My life will be Yours from this day to the end,
Never having to pretend,
That the answers are in my hands,
But in my heart,
I hear you calling my name from afar,
Just crying out, please come home
I so desperately want to make you whole...
So I wipe the tears from my eyes
And I look around, I am already there.
I am already there.

Henei ma tov umanaim
Shevet achim gam yachad
Sinei ma tov umanaim
Shevet achim gam yachad

(Behold how good and
How pleasant it is
For brothers to dwell together
Behold how good and
How pleasant it is
For brothers to dwell together)

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Hills of Zion

The Hills of Zion

I hear the hills of Zion calling me.
Begging, please, let me set you free,
Walking amongst my meadows I wish you to be,
Always feeling the peace you long to see.

And out of the silence I hear the Spirit calling,
Grab ahold of me and I'll stop your falling.
My hearts aches for you to stop these wicked choices,
Always struggling to shake those same dark voices.

Behold, in the wilderness His Son is speaking,
Shouting, "It is me whom you are seeking."
"It is only I who can save,
My life for you I gave."

Now the Father speaks in a thunderous voice,
Under which, I hear a thousand angels rejoice.
My beloved child, look at the price I've paid.
My One and Only Son, at the cross I have laid.

Seeing that I'm shackled by my sin,
Walking a line that's so paper thin,
I pray, "Lord, break these chains that bind me
Because in the Hills of Zion I long to be."

Monday, February 11, 2008

No Hope For Tomorrow...

No Hope For Tomorrow...

I am the suffering. The one here waiting.
But there is no hope for tomorrow.
Only silver and cold and sorrow.

This thought, now my only possession,
Purely an obsession, of disenchanted dreams,
A broken heart still lacking the means,

To overcome these feelings that come rushing,
Taking the little hope left in my heart,
Turning black the skies all the days we're apart,

But, we'll be apart forever,
So I cannot stay here or it'll kill me in time
And there are no angels coming to find,

If my heart can stand on its own.
No love to save me from this reality,
Just a reckoning, a convergence of finality.

No day of the phoenix, rising from the ashes
No stars falling from the sky tonight
No hope for tomorrow or second sight.

I can remember a place that was so bright,
Now a place of disappointment where apathy outlasts
Any form of hope, trying to forget my past.

I never ever wanted this!
I just wanted to believe that my dreams.
Could take me from a life buried in flames.

So I attach my dreams to makeshift wings
Flying high above the sun
Attempting to catch a spirit, to be as one,

But this evening, as the sky turns red,
A longing to stay on the ground comes o'er me
It's hard to notice, this feeling grows slowly.

My eyes, now downward cast,
Staring only at the cracks in the dirt,
Seeing how they all lead to this heart that hurts.

A poisoned heart that won't walk away,
Wings that won't ride the wind today,
A lack of trust in my deeds this way.

So my only hope is that things are as You say.
Cause my arms are too weak to pull me up,
And this distance is too far to jump.

Though I suffer in silence, please come rescue me.
I don't know how long till my eyes dry out,
Or when my heart will finally wash me out.

That way, when the sun goes down tonight,
I don't have to say, there's no hope for tomorrow,
But rather a moment of reprieve from this sorrow.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Beneath the Skin

Beneath the Skin

My heart is a terrible liar
Trying to soothe me with childish lullabies
Hoping to bring me peace
But tonight, a song is not enough.
This time it calls for so much more.
Tonight is the night we examine ourselves.
Beneath this face, beneath this skin
Lay a heart breaking from within.
Haunted by a love now left behind
Daunted by a task I have yet to find
Hoping this will only get better in time
Tell me, are you happy where you are,
Away from me, wearing another scar?
Does your heart feel like it's going to suffocate?
Or do you find that you can only placate,
The desire to count the hours we're apart?
My heart does
So I decide to take a match to my past
Because if I burn my past to the ground,
It can no longer hang over me.
It no longer take hold of me.
And under this sky, we both lie,
I tell my heart, that I am done
But it tells me I have found one,
One that helps bring life and love
Calling Him as my Father's Son above.
This truth now strips away
What was but a fruitless day
Bringing me back to Your name
Jehovah Jireh, my Provider
My Lord, my true desire...

Between Two Faces

Between Two Faces

Between who we are
And who we want to be
Lie the two faces,
That the world knows as me
My eyes are now opened wide
But still, I struggle to see,
Which face is a lie.
Am I so far from home,
That I can't even bring myself to try?
All my hopes and dreams
Are nothing what I thought they were
Feeding a listless life
Feeling hollow to the core
This endless search for something more
Consumes all the daylight
Possibly so much more
Till there are no dreams left tonight
So this evening
Instead of dreaming
I work to reconcile what I see as two
Struggling to make them one,
Hopefully, before the night is through.
So every morning I pray to God,
Please take this life, make me one.
One with the Father,
One with the Son.
Let me never cease striving to be,
Unfettered, living for eternity.
Because inside, there is a tension
A struggle, killing me from within
And though I'd rather close my eyes,
Pretending it'll all pass me by,
I cannot accept this
I cannot live another lie...

Lord, just as You and the Father are one
So I long to be with You today
My heart a reflection of Yours
My life, a beacon of hope this day.



Friday, January 04, 2008

A Broken Psalm

A Broken Psalm

We’ve been running out of fear for so long
It’s so hard to keep my head in this mess
Cause I’m about to drop my heart
And I’m afraid of coming up empty-handed
I’d be willing to set it all ablaze
Burn our past down to the ground
It’s time to take a stand,
Call for redemption
Maybe even begin again

Oh God, wake me up inside
Be a light unto my feet
Lead me on to victory
Whether I be in this relationship
Even whether I stay or go
Bring me closer to Your heart,
Closer to Your name, tell me everything
Give me another shot at this life
Change me from the inside

Maybe even begin again
Call for redemption
It’s time to take a stand
Burn our past down to the ground
I’d be willing to set it all blaze
And I’m afraid of coming up empty-handed
Cause I’m about to drop my heart
It’s so hard to keep my head in this mess
We’ve been running out of fear for so long…

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Love and Understanding

Love and Understanding

Sometimes life feels so impossible
The only thing I can do is cling to You
I'm looking for love and understanding,
Clarity of thought to get through
What seems to be an insurmountable day.
Why don't I live like I'm dying for eternity
In the end, all these ambitions go with yesterday
So is it all for nothing?
Is it meaningless as Solomon says?
Apart from You, God, I know it is.
Still though, I wonder if there's a remedy
For all these wasted breaths
It's so frightening to know I'm free
But continue to wear these shackles
Jesus once threw off my feet
Only to put them on again and again
Thinking they provide a life less frightening
So I stand between the end and where we lie
Hoping only to capture at least a single dream
Not letting it break until the daylight catches me
Lighting up my soul with love & understanding
Where Your heart is closer than mine,
Inside my chest it's beating
Where Your breath gives life,
in my soul, I can feel You breathing...