Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Already There

Already There

Do our lives even tell the truth?
I don't think they ever do.
All my heart wants is to be with You
But so often I walk closer to me.
And i wondered, how did i get this far?
Cause when I looked up,
I couldn't even see you.
Maybe I was never there,
Maybe I just looked the other way...
Luckily for me, there's a lifetime left to live,
Hoping that this life'll lead to the truth.
So I work up the courage to run to You
I'm so sure Your heart holds the truth
And for whatever it is worth,
My life will be Yours from this day to the end,
Never having to pretend,
That the answers are in my hands,
But in my heart,
I hear you calling my name from afar,
Just crying out, please come home
I so desperately want to make you whole...
So I wipe the tears from my eyes
And I look around, I am already there.
I am already there.

Henei ma tov umanaim
Shevet achim gam yachad
Sinei ma tov umanaim
Shevet achim gam yachad

(Behold how good and
How pleasant it is
For brothers to dwell together
Behold how good and
How pleasant it is
For brothers to dwell together)

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Hills of Zion

The Hills of Zion

I hear the hills of Zion calling me.
Begging, please, let me set you free,
Walking amongst my meadows I wish you to be,
Always feeling the peace you long to see.

And out of the silence I hear the Spirit calling,
Grab ahold of me and I'll stop your falling.
My hearts aches for you to stop these wicked choices,
Always struggling to shake those same dark voices.

Behold, in the wilderness His Son is speaking,
Shouting, "It is me whom you are seeking."
"It is only I who can save,
My life for you I gave."

Now the Father speaks in a thunderous voice,
Under which, I hear a thousand angels rejoice.
My beloved child, look at the price I've paid.
My One and Only Son, at the cross I have laid.

Seeing that I'm shackled by my sin,
Walking a line that's so paper thin,
I pray, "Lord, break these chains that bind me
Because in the Hills of Zion I long to be."

Monday, February 11, 2008

No Hope For Tomorrow...

No Hope For Tomorrow...

I am the suffering. The one here waiting.
But there is no hope for tomorrow.
Only silver and cold and sorrow.

This thought, now my only possession,
Purely an obsession, of disenchanted dreams,
A broken heart still lacking the means,

To overcome these feelings that come rushing,
Taking the little hope left in my heart,
Turning black the skies all the days we're apart,

But, we'll be apart forever,
So I cannot stay here or it'll kill me in time
And there are no angels coming to find,

If my heart can stand on its own.
No love to save me from this reality,
Just a reckoning, a convergence of finality.

No day of the phoenix, rising from the ashes
No stars falling from the sky tonight
No hope for tomorrow or second sight.

I can remember a place that was so bright,
Now a place of disappointment where apathy outlasts
Any form of hope, trying to forget my past.

I never ever wanted this!
I just wanted to believe that my dreams.
Could take me from a life buried in flames.

So I attach my dreams to makeshift wings
Flying high above the sun
Attempting to catch a spirit, to be as one,

But this evening, as the sky turns red,
A longing to stay on the ground comes o'er me
It's hard to notice, this feeling grows slowly.

My eyes, now downward cast,
Staring only at the cracks in the dirt,
Seeing how they all lead to this heart that hurts.

A poisoned heart that won't walk away,
Wings that won't ride the wind today,
A lack of trust in my deeds this way.

So my only hope is that things are as You say.
Cause my arms are too weak to pull me up,
And this distance is too far to jump.

Though I suffer in silence, please come rescue me.
I don't know how long till my eyes dry out,
Or when my heart will finally wash me out.

That way, when the sun goes down tonight,
I don't have to say, there's no hope for tomorrow,
But rather a moment of reprieve from this sorrow.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Beneath the Skin

Beneath the Skin

My heart is a terrible liar
Trying to soothe me with childish lullabies
Hoping to bring me peace
But tonight, a song is not enough.
This time it calls for so much more.
Tonight is the night we examine ourselves.
Beneath this face, beneath this skin
Lay a heart breaking from within.
Haunted by a love now left behind
Daunted by a task I have yet to find
Hoping this will only get better in time
Tell me, are you happy where you are,
Away from me, wearing another scar?
Does your heart feel like it's going to suffocate?
Or do you find that you can only placate,
The desire to count the hours we're apart?
My heart does
So I decide to take a match to my past
Because if I burn my past to the ground,
It can no longer hang over me.
It no longer take hold of me.
And under this sky, we both lie,
I tell my heart, that I am done
But it tells me I have found one,
One that helps bring life and love
Calling Him as my Father's Son above.
This truth now strips away
What was but a fruitless day
Bringing me back to Your name
Jehovah Jireh, my Provider
My Lord, my true desire...

Between Two Faces

Between Two Faces

Between who we are
And who we want to be
Lie the two faces,
That the world knows as me
My eyes are now opened wide
But still, I struggle to see,
Which face is a lie.
Am I so far from home,
That I can't even bring myself to try?
All my hopes and dreams
Are nothing what I thought they were
Feeding a listless life
Feeling hollow to the core
This endless search for something more
Consumes all the daylight
Possibly so much more
Till there are no dreams left tonight
So this evening
Instead of dreaming
I work to reconcile what I see as two
Struggling to make them one,
Hopefully, before the night is through.
So every morning I pray to God,
Please take this life, make me one.
One with the Father,
One with the Son.
Let me never cease striving to be,
Unfettered, living for eternity.
Because inside, there is a tension
A struggle, killing me from within
And though I'd rather close my eyes,
Pretending it'll all pass me by,
I cannot accept this
I cannot live another lie...

Lord, just as You and the Father are one
So I long to be with You today
My heart a reflection of Yours
My life, a beacon of hope this day.