Saturday, March 21, 2009

Continual Fire (The Incarnate Series)

This is the third spoken word piece from The Incarnate Series. It is meant to present the birth of Christ in a context that postures the reader to look forward. To see that Christ, His Spirit, His movement, His story, will resonate for all eternity. That God dreamed of a day when humanity would once again be reconciled with Himself. That God moved as the catalyst to bring this dream into reality through the birth, death and resurrection of His Son. But to do so, cost Him. It didn't just cost Him His life, it cost Him his love... For God so loved us, He endured separation from His Son while upon the cross. That His Son so loved us, He is willing to pour out the days of His life for our good. But not just that - but that He so earnestly desired that we once again be free as we once were in the Garden, that He is willing to endure a love that will go unrequited so long as humanity walks this earth. He is willing to do so because, though His heart breaks for every soul that remains shattered, He rejoices with every heart that moves from stone back to flesh. For in this moment, they will receive life that endures. They will live even if they die... And so I wrote this from the perspective that we should remain postured forward, always moving towards the dream God realized in His Son because we are privileged to be a part of it if we so choose.

Continual Fire

Listen, can't you hear - There's a voice calling through the years,
Culminating in a moment to allay all fears,
The synergy of temporal with eternity,
A life given of divine community.
A reconciliation of God with humanity.
A reckoning, a convergence, a finality,
To days spent outside God's reality,
Which truly is a life of duplicity.
So tonight I close mine eyes beneath moonlit skies,
Hoping these moments are not a dream in disguise,
Cause inside me is a fire that burns continually,
Reminding me of the tragedy,
That is the history of humanity,
Showing me what I wish to no longer see,
The blackness of my soul, the essence of me.
But in this moment, with this decree,
The sky turned red over me,
A symphony of angels sings of Your glory,
Of a child born in infamy's story,
Because the Caesar feared Your birth,
As it will be like none other to walk the earth,
For not even death can hold Thee.
And though our lives remain but a breath,
Your life overcomes all, even death,
Granting a peace without cease.
And this peace you long to give those with whom you are pleased,
Knowing in their hearts it is well received.
This is Your promise and passion and mission
The Word of God generating vision,
And so with this life, with this vision,
The Word does testify.
He comes to purify, to glorify,
To penetrate and consecrate,
A world once thought lost,
Now redeemed, His life the cost
These are the moments I forget the deception,
Of the serpent with whom is found sin's inception.
Because I know in this instance,
God moves... closing the distance,
Between where my heart is and where His hope lies,
Releasing me from an eternity of slavery,
An indestructibile futility
Of a neverending pursuit of harmony,
Without a God to slay mine enemies.
And with but a word, He speaks what my heart denies,
That all I ever knew was limits and lies.
And with these words, with His heart,
Is the reconciliation of humanity,
To a God who longs only for them to be free...
Free from a life of sinful captivity.
To a place where we can never die,
In a relationship we can never leave,
Immersed in a love I can never deny.
It is the liberation of a mind in isolation,
Because in this imagination is a fascination,
Of a life inextricably intertwined,
Between the body, the soul and the mind
So we see His story is not an apparition, a tragedy,
But God's dream that is so costly,
With wings to speak of, with a way to be,
A dream of hope, a dream that's free,
A dream forever calling to me...