Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ether to Reality

Ether to Reality...

You stand in your pulpit calling the decadent,
To repent, call forth the innocent,
Come closer to God, speak the word of Truth,
Restore the years of your youth,
All the while your smile and denial,
Cover the multitude of sins to be revisited again,
With your words the sanctuary is humming,
Numbing the hearts of those succumbing,
To the words and ways of a false prophesy,
Which in reality is the message of captivity,
But in essence, isn't this what we all fear to be?
A stereotype or living hypocrisy,
Attaching the name of God to mediocrity,
Oh Lord, may it never be that way with me!
Let my pride subside, let me abide and thrive,
In the Name of Love, with the Spirit of Life,
Speak to me in dreams unseen,
But let them move from the ether to reality,
Where on the wings of tomorrow's morn,
We will rise like eagles at the dawn,
Never forgetting our way to Thee,
Bound to your precepts yet walking at liberty,
Leading others to Divine community,
Because our breath declares the presence of Thee,
Your very fingerprints on the essence of me,
Awakening thoughts of this ineffable mystery,
So that I might live out your legacy...

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