Monday, August 24, 2009

A Light in the Darkness... (The Incarnate Series)

A Light in the Darkness...
- pt 2 of the Incarnate Series

Can you not hear it this night,
His words on my heart,
Declaring itself love tonight?
Bringing with it a movement, a quickness,
That will illuminate the darkness,
With sacrifice remove the sickness.
Rooted in righteousness, fortified in justice,
There will be no end to this,
A kingdom established in David.
Now the day has come, no time to waste,
Let the world make haste,
See a dream that has become flesh,
A voice calling from the wilderness,
With a heart that will not rest,
Crying out, why do you want to die?
Why forget the truth? Why believe a lie?
As a nation, God has blessed, take rest,
For One comes that is His best,
O Israel, is this not your prayer,
That God will send His Son, a Savior?
In His silence have we not called to Thee?
Pondered the mystery of how He might save you and me?
It is this moment that all prophets testified,
How God would redeem us from a lie.
A reconciliation, a redemption time where we no longer die.
Humanity's prayer answered in the shape of man,
So when you ask, i will confess, i will not deny
That there comes one of whom Scripture testifies,
He will be Light, He will set the world to right.
It will cost Him so much, it will cost him everything,
But His heart is secure, His way is sound,
His love is unrelenting and in Him life is found
He will give His life so we might understand,
How God loves us so very much,
That not even Himself is free from sacrifice,
Shattering the lie that tied man to the ground,
Rescuing souls from a wisdom unsound,
On His shoulders will be the weight of peace,
Consecrating a time without cease,
In which He will increase,
And rid the world of sin's disease.
It will be as a revolution or dissolution,
Shining light through the illusion,
That there is no hope for tomorrow,
Only silver and cold and sorrow,
For when He assumes His kingdom,
In our souls there will be freedom,
And forevermore we will become,
Who He longs for us to become...

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